21 Questions to Help You Say Goodbye to 2020 and Welcome 2021

Without a doubt 2020 has been a disruptive year. It may be tempting to try to forget it and move on because of the hardships and troubles you may have faced. I believe that harnessing the lessons can lead you to personal growth and ultimately a better future.

Here are some questions that will help you reflect on 2020 and set you up for success in 2021.

  1. What has been the highest peak experience of 2020 for me?
  2. What has been the lowest low of 2020 for me?
  3. What did I learn about myself and about others (children, spouse, friends, colleagues, society, humanity) in 2021?
  4. How has 2020 changed me?
  5. Where did I make progress in 2020?
  6. What did I let go of this year?
  7. What new experiences have I embraced this year that I may not have had the chance to experience in another year?
  8. What new challenges have I faced and overcome this year?
  9. What new interests or passions have I developed?
  10. Who and what has helped me through the difficult times?
  11. Which relationships have been most precious to me?
  12. What routines were beneficial for me?
  13. What am I most grateful for?
  14. What is the highest vision I have for myself in 2021?
  15. What relationships do I want to nurture in 2021 and how?
  16. How do I want to take care of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health in 2021?
  17. What do I want to manifest in 2021?
  18. What support (people, systems, programs, etc.) do I need in 2021 to achieve my goals?
  19. What word represents what 2021 will be about for me?
  20. What change must I commit to in 2021 to become the highest vision of myself?
  21. What am I willing to give and receive in 2021?