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Thank you for looking me up. If you are visiting because you are unclear about what to do next in your career, or want to elevate your impact and leadership then you are in the right place.

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Who I am?
  What do I really want?
    What is my purpose?


A leader, coach & determined optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be.

In 2005 I was a leader for a Global Educational Publisher. I had climbed up the ladder fast and was the Director of Marketing in Canada for John Wiley & Sons. Although I was proud of myself, my job satisfaction was in fact on the decline. I was actually less and less happy. It made no sense that I felt this way when I seemingly had it all. This led me on a self-discovery and spiritual journey to answer some very fundamental questions.

A few years later, I left behind my high-pay, seemingly safe corporate job for a trip around the world. I wanted to be adventurous, free and find some answers. My husband and I travelled to over 20 countries on all 5 continents. In the process, it became clear that my life was taking a turn towards being of service to others in whole new way. It was time to design a new career and align to my authentic self. This is how I became a coach.

I then stepped into my own leadership journey. Not the leadership that comes from a title but the leadership that comes from courageously stepping forward despite fears uncertainties. Leaving my career in publishing was not easy and I learned a ton along the way.

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I learned that my desire to change my career was great but that it stood no chance without commitment, discipline and structure — which are all outside of my comfort zone.

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I learned to have an unshakable ability to stay in-tune with my life purpose — which has taken introspection and trust.


I learned how to listen to my inner guidance and be adaptable — this is a daily practise for me now.


I learned that my vision requires me to be confident — nobody is willing to stand up for it as much as I am.


And, I began to connect to my inner power and be more like Wonder Woman — she’s really my favorite super hero!

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